Real Time Customs Status

From instant email notifications to our web dashboard, know the status and location of your cargo at all times.  Have full visibility of key milestones, including Customs release.

Fixed Fees (no hidden charges)

Regardless if you’re importing $1000 or $1,000,000.00 worth of goods, our Customs entry fees are fixed. Most shipments are $95 depending on the type of commodity.

Simplifying Customs

Customs clearance can be a daunting task. Cargocentric simplifies the process so our customers don’t have to worry about the border entry maze. (For those curious, contact us for a full resolution image of the flowchart.)

Customs Bonds

Most importers are required by U.S.Customs to purchase a Customs Bond. The bond serves as a guarantee to U.S. Customs that fees due to Customs will be paid up to the bond amount. Purchasing bonds with Cargocentric is easy, fast and cheaper than the competition (guaranteed).

Door to Door Delivery

Whether your shipping a Full Container (FCL), Full Truckload (FTL), Less Than Truckload (LTL) or project cargo, Cargocentric can help with pick-up and door delivery.  Contracts with in-house carriers and negotiated rates with the largest common carriers provides customers with a mix of speed and affordability.

All Types of Commodities

As a Customs brokerage for 30+ years, Cargocentric has extensive experience with all types of commodities.  This includes electronics, apparel, toys, footwear, furniture, medical equipment, auto parts, food and much more.  This also means we help importers stay compliant with other government agencies such as FDA, F&W, DOT, USDA, CPSC and ATF.

10+2 Importer Security Filing (ISF)

Importers are responsible for submitting TEN data elements to Customs 24 hours PRIOR to vessel lading. This rule applies to ocean shipments only. The ISF must be filed either via the Automated Manifest System (AMS) or the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).  Due to this requirement, in most cases the importer will designate an authorized agent to file the ISF on their behalf.

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