We arrange movement anywhere throughout the supply chain, whether its via Air, Sea or Ground.


From instant notifications to our web dashboard, know the status and location of your cargo at all times.


Need to spot potential hurdles? Our experts provide free consultations and help proactively manage the border entry process.

Helping thousands of companies import all types of commodites


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Step 2: Choose Service Type

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Visibility and Transparency

From email notifications to real  time carrier tracing to door delivery confirmations , keep track of cargo throughout your supply chain. Combine visiblity with a variety of reports and enjoy a birds eye view at both a sku and shipment level.

Logistics solutions for every type of importer

Spend more time on product development  and less time on logistics from our  featured solutions.

“They are a true partner and an extension of our department.”

“Cargocentric  always goes above and beyond. Rates are competitive and the value add is in their team, offering over the top service and support. They help us manage more shipments without additional overhead. Cargocentric is a true partner and an extension of our department.”

Henry Lin
Senior V.P. of Compass Health

“They’ve chaperoned us from our first small shipment to today.”

“By having a trusted partner managing our inbound and outbound needs,  we’re better able to focus on our core competencies – developing  innovative products and growing the Zoli brand. They’ve chaperoned us from our first small shipment to today, multiple monthly shipments.’”

Chet Hong
Principal of Zoli

“Cargocentric’s superior service has contributed greatly to our bottom line.”

“Their ability to help us identify the proper harmonized codes, provide  competitive rates, expedite customs clearance and research topics  has saved us time and money.  Cargocentric consistently offers a level  of service that has exceeded our expectations.”

Andrew Hutchins
COO of ThinkTankPhoto

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