Easy scheduling

No lengthy forms or email ping pong.  Cargocentric keeps tabs on your suppliers and updates ETAs and ETDs of your Purchase Orders.   Focus more time on product development and less time on scheduling shipments!

Competitive Pricing

Cargocentric and its network of partners have negotiated pricing with carriers.  This results in both competitive rates and priority spacing.  We carry over those savings and service to all our customers, regardless if they ship once a year or once a week.

Real Time Carrier Tracing

From instant notifications to our web dashboard, know the status and location of your cargo at all times.  Have full visibility of key milestones with all your suppliers, carriers and warehouse providers.

Door to Door Delivery

Cargocentric arranges door deliveries with in-house carriers and the largest common carriers.  This provides customers with a options from speedy same day deliveries to competitive priced trucking.

Cargo Insurance

While Cargocentric arranges for the transportation of your goods, by law, it is the Carrier who bears responsibility for loss or damage to your freight. Cargocentric makes every effort to ensure the safe delivery of your goods, but we also offers cargo insurance at competitive prices as an extra layer of protection.

Reliable carriers

Cargocentric has negotiated rates with most airlines.  We’ll ship to and from almost any destination on planet Earth.


Peace of Mind

Cargocentric has been IATA accredited since 1985.  In other words, we’re experienced and have an extended history of staying compliant.

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