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    Record Levels of Port Congestion as Peak Season Hits
    As we enter the peak season, we want to highlight the port congestion crisis in the simplest way possible, with some screenshots showing the number of vessels anchored out various ports. Los Angeles/Long Beach Around late spring, the number of ...
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    Shipping Congestion Nightmare Getting Worse as Peak Season Approaches
    As we approach the peak shipping season, we wanted to make sure everyone fully understands that the state of transpacific shipping is continuing to deteriorate. Origin Ports in Asia Every origin port in Asia is continuing to face the same congest...
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    Transpacific Shipping Capacity in May to be Drastically Reduced Due to Blank Sailings
    Shippers just experienced possibly the worst April on record in terms of shipping congestion and rising ocean freight costs. May will likely be even worse. We've written extensively about the various issues driving the increased congestion. However, ...
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    Supply Chain Congestion Update and June Forecast
    As predicted, the month of May was as awful for shippers and importers. Congestion at various ports continued and in fact spread to other ports. Carriers had numerous blank sailings. Ocean freight rates spiked to heretofore unseen levels. Massive amo...
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    Global Supply Chain Slowly Grinding to a Halt
    We've posted warnings the past half year about the global supply chain steadily becoming more congested and the cost of shipping rising accordingly. In the past few months, more articles have published about shortages in everything from boba balls to...
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    The West Coast Port Congestion Nightmare
    Here is an example of how serious the congestion is at the port of Los Angeles / Long Beach by showing the recent sailing schedule of a vessel, the ONE Falcon. Here is a summary of the most recent port calling data from the website: ...