Purchase Order Workflow

* Products are required to create Purchase Orders.  If you haven’t created any Products, please reference Creating a Product Catalog.

Step ONE: Add a Purchase Order

  1. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.  Other browsers may not be supported. 

  2. Visit https://app.cargocentric.com/purchaseorders
  3. Click the  button 

  4. Fill out the following:

    Create Purchase Order Pop up
    “Shipping Terms” – Also known as “incoterms”, you can reference the following: https://cargocentric.com/cc/negotiating-shipping-terms-with-yours-supplier/
  5. Add Products
    a. Click on the button next to the “Products” tab and fill out the form data.
    b. Fill out the following:

    Create Purchase Order Product Item Pop up

Step TWO: Send Purchase Order to Supplier

  1. Once the Purchase Order is ready to send to the Supplier, click .
  2. Send messages via the Comments tab:
    Comments tab

Step THREE: Supplier Confirms Purchase Order

  1. The Supplier confirms the Purchase Order by clicking Confirmed by Supplier.
  2. To make a change to the Purchase Order, click the “Withdraw Approval” button.  Changes to Purchase Orders cannot be made after Supplier confirmation.

Additional Tips

  • To flag a Purchase Order as high priority, click Mark as Urgent button
  • To add multiple Purchase Orders, consider using
  • For recurring orders, consider copying an order by clicking Copy Button
  • Tag POs by clicking Tag button.  Press <enter> after entering each tag.
  • To create Bookings: https://cargocentric.com/cc/stages-of-a-booking/.

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