Adding and Editing Products

Keep track of all your product data in Cargocentric, including skus, tariff numbers, values and more.

*Suppliers are required to create a Product. If you haven’t created any Suppliers yet, please reference Adding Trade Partners.

**Product Categories are also required to create a Product.  To create/edit Product Categories, please reference Adding Product Categories.

  1. Go to Modules > Products
  2. Click the  button and fill out as follows:

    Add Product Variant Pop up
  3. To add HTS/HS numbers, clicking on the next to “Tariff”.  Fill out the following:

    Create Product Variant Tariff Pop up
    * If there are multiple HTS numbers, make sure the sequence is correct. Eg. Section 301 HTS numbers should be first at the top.
    ** If you need help determining HTS/HS/tariff numbers, contact us.

  4. To add photos or images, clicking on the next to “Images”.  Keep in mind these images could be used for Customs declarations:

    Add Product Variant Image Pop up
  5. If FDA is applicable, click the Add button next to FDA:

    Add Product FDA

Additional Tips:

  • Use the following tabs to trace your Products:
    Other Product Variant Tabs
  • To add multiple Products, consider using 
  • To add similar Products, consider copying by clicking Copy Button
  • Tag your Products by clicking Tag button.  Press <enter> after entering each tag.
  • Start creating Purchase Orders, follow these instructions.

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