Reports and Insights

Insights enables users to quickly analyze data visually and as reports.  Customize by Trade Partner, Product, Dates, Shipment Types and more.

Step ONE: Customize the Data

  1. Go to Insights
  2. Select from the following parent tabs:Reports tabs
  3. Select filters, such as:
    Reports filter
  4. Select from sub-tabs, such as:
    Reports sub tabs

Step TWO: Review the Data

A couple ways to digest the data:

High level: Header icons showing cumulative data, such as:

Reports header icon analysis

Detailed level: The table shows top results, such as:

Reports table


Step THREE: Review Trends

Click Trends tabto see how numbers compare week to week, month to month or year to year:

Reports Trends Chart

Additional tips:

  • Excel Reports can also be generated elsewhere throughout Cargocentric.  Look for the Export iconbutton.
  • Visit the Dashboard for a quick glance how your supply chain is performing.

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