Combining and Moving Bookings

Consolidating shipments maximizes container space and landed cost efficiency.  These are simple ways to plan and merge Bookings.

Finding Bookings

  1. Go to Modules > Bookings
  2. Find Bookings under “Created” status.  IE. Bookings that have not been submitted to the Purchaser.:
    • Click 
    • Select “Status”
    • Select “Created”
      Booking Filter Created Status
  3. To search for Bookings with similar Pick-up Dates:
    • Click 
    • Select “Pick-up Date”
    • Select “Between” and click the green check button.
      Pick-up Date Filter
  4. To search for Bookings with the same Destination Port:
    • Click 
    • Select “Destination Port”
    • Search and select the Port
    • Click Submit
      Destination Port Filter
  5. To search for Bookings with the same Origin Port:
    • Click 
    • Select “Destination Port”
    • Search and select the Port
    • Click Submit
  6. Analyze cubic meters (CBM) 
    • Organize and display pertinent columns.
      • Click change button
      • Suggested columns to select:
        • Pick-up Date
        • Origin Port
        • Destination Port
        • Shipping Method/Terms
        • Cubic Meters – Keep in mind Cubic Meters is often auto-calculated based on the Product Sku dimensions.  If Product Sku dimensions are not accurate, the estimated CBM will not be accurate.
          Booking Select Grid Columns

Combining Bookings

Option 1: Merging Bookings – Import ALL Purchase Orders/Products from another Booking

1. Click the Select buttonbutton.

2. Select Bookings to merge:

Select Bookings

3. Click the Merge button button and confirm the Bookings to be approved. *Keep in mind merged Bookings will automatically be cancelled.

Option 2: Moving part of a Booking  – To move individual Products or Quantities to another or new Booking:

1. Click on the Booking you plan on moving Product from.

2. In the “Products” tab, click the Move Booking Product button button

3. Enter the Quantity to be moved

4. Determine if the Quantity is moving to a New or Existing Booking.

Move Booking Item

5. Click Submit.

Additional tips:

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