Search for Shipments with Potential Per Diem or Detention

Per Diem and detention fees can be very costly.  Cargocentric provides and easy way to filter Shipments that may be at risk.

Finding Containers and Deliveries

  1. Go to Modules > Containers
  2. Click
    • Select “Per Diem”
      per diem filter
    • The results are based on the following conditions:
      • The container has been picked up.
      • The container does not have an Empty Container Returned Date.
    • Other filters to consider:
      • “Delivery Consignee” to specify delivery locations.
      • “Destination Port”

Additional tips:

  • Update Delivery Status
  • Ask your Customer Representative about automated reports, which can send daily emails containing the above data.
  • Click on Containers/Deliveries and use to communicate with the Truckers and Warehouses

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