Manage Bookings

Bookings help plan, instruct, schedule and lead to the creation of a Shipment. This includes confirming pick-up dates, quantities, product values, shipping methods and estimated delivery dates.

Step ONE: Booking is createdSuppliers and Purchasers can draft Shipment Information by creating a Booking, which can help confirm the following:

  • Expected Pick-up Date
  • Purchase Orders
  • Product details, including Quantities and Values
  • Estimated weight and dimensions

Step TWO: Supplier submits the Booking to the Purchaser IE. The Supplier notifies the Purchaser to review the Booking details.

Step THREE: Purchaser reviews the Booking.  Some notable actions a Purchaser can take when reviewing a Booking:

  • Mark as Urgent
  • Comment
  • Approve

Step FOUR: Shipment is created from the Booking.

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