Purchase Orders without Bookings

Concerned about Suppliers forgetting to arrange a Shipment?  Quickly find Purchase Orders that do not have Bookings.

Filter in Purchase Orders:

  1. Go to Modules > Purchase Orders
  2. Click the  button
  3. Use the following filters to find POs without associated Bookings or Shipments:
    • “No Bookings” – This refines results to display POs without Bookings.
      No Bookings filter
    • “Not Fully Booked” – This displays POs with product quantities that remain without Bookings
    • “No Shipments” – This filters for POs without associated Shipments.
    • “Not Fully Shipped” – This filters for POs with product quantities that remain without Shipments.
  4. Use additional filters to narrow search results. Eg.
    • “Created At” or “Edited At” for POs created/edited in a specific timeframe
    • “Created By” or “Edited By” for POs created/edited by a specific user
    • “Ready Date” for target dates
    • “Supplier”

Additional Tips:

  • For Automated Reporting, contact your Cargocentric Customer Representative.
  • Creating a Purchase Order: https://cargocentric.com/cc/purchase-order-workflow/
  • To flag a Purchase Order as high priority, click Mark as Urgent button
  • Tag POs by clicking Tag button.  Press <enter> after entering each tag.

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