Tracing Shipments

Track cargo with location milestones, Customs status and last mile integrations.

Search for Shipments

  1. Go to Modules > Shipments
  2. Use the Filter or Search
    Filter and Search bar
  3. Click the Shipment ID or Customer Reference
    Click on Shipment ID with cursor

Container and Air Freight Visibility

A couple methods to monitor the Ocean or Air carrier visibility:

  1. Go to the “Summary” tab to view icons representing milestones. (Green is present)
    Carrier Tracing Icons
  2. To view a log of events, click “Activity”:
    Shipment Activity

US Customs Status

To view the status from US Customs and other Participating Government Agencies (PGA), look to the header of the Shipment.  Some sample statuses:

  • Customs  Released
  • Customs  Under CBP Review
  • Customs Manifest  Hold – CBP – This typically means an X-ray Exam will be performed
  • Customs  Pending Intensive Exam – Physical exam is required 
  • FDA  FDA May Proceed
  • FDA  FDA Hold
  • FDA  FDA Exam

Destination Trucking – The Last Mile

To keep track of final delivery milestones such as Pick-up Dates, Last Free Days, Scheduled Delivery Dates, Actual Delivery Dates and Empty Container Return Dates, click  Summary tabto view the following:

Containers and Delivery tab

  • The flame iconindicates the delivery is urgent.
  • Click on the container to view additional details, including SKU quantities and Proof of Delivery.
  • Date milestones:
    • LFD = Last Free Day of Storage
    • PUD = Pick-up Date
    • SDD = Scheduled Pick-up Date
    • ADD = Actual Delivery Date
    • ECPD = Empty Container Pick-up Date

Shipment Product Details

To view Product contents of the Shipment and a detailed breakdown of Duties, Taxes and other Landed Costs, click  :

Shipment Products tab details

Additional tips:

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