Monitoring Containers and Deliveries

Keep track of last mile by monitoring pick-up dates, scheduled delivery dates, exceptions, undelivered containers, empty container pick-ups and more.

Search for Deliveries or Containers.

  1. Go to Modules > Deliveries
  2. Use the Filter or Search to help highlight containers that require action.
    Filter for Container Deliveries
    A couple explanations of how filters can help:

    • No Actual Delivery Date” – This filters deliveries that have not been delivered.
    • No Dates” – This filters deliveries that have no scheduling, including pick-up dates

Updating Delivery Status

A couple methods to updating dates and status of Deliveries. *Login credentials can be also be created with special permissions specific to warehouse users.

Method 1:  From the main page, click the 3-dot button to make quick updates:

Deliveries Grid

Method 2:  From the main page, click on a Container or Delivery:

Deliveries Grid - Select Container

Change status, update SKUs and comment on Deliveries:

Delivery Details

Proof of Delivery

When a status changes to “Delivered”, the following data can be added to support Proof of Delivery:

Proof of Delivery Pop up

  • Attach photos and scanned files
  • Use Labels to make PODs searchable by key words.
  • Mark and add notes for Exceptions.

Additional tips:

  • To send questions and comments, click on the tab.
  • Export results in Excel by clicking Export icon.
  • Deliveries can also be tracked in Shipments, Purchase Orders and Products by clicking on the Bookings tabtab.

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