The Dashboard provides a quick glance how your supply chain is performing and highlighting areas that might require action.  It shows key trends, purchases, sales and vendor data.

Cargocentric Dashboard

The Dashboard can quickly provide the following:

  • Product Trends shows the most popular products shipped.
  • Supplier Trends displays the highest paid vendors.
  • Delivery Trends locates the most common destinations.
  • Recent Activity provides this month’s data
    • TEUs in Transit” shows the number of twenty-foot equivalent units shipped and compares to the prior month.
    • Pending Bookings” displays the number of Bookings waiting to be processed.
    • PO Value in Transit” provides a total value of goods on the move.
  • Bookings Awaiting Approval shows a list of open Bookings submitted by the Supplier.
  • Pending Deliveries displays a Shipments that will soon be delivered.
  • Outstanding Billing Invoices provides Cargocentric shipments that have not been paid.
  • Booking Exceptions and Shipment Exceptions indicate Shipment that may have a problem, such as quantity discrepancies, Customs exams or delays.

Additional tips:

  • Click View All button for a comprehensive list and to search and filter.
  • Export data as a spreadsheet when you see Export icon.
  • Ask your Customer Representative about Automated Email Reports
  • For more analytics and reporting, use Insights.

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