The Dashboard provides a quick glance of how your supply chain is performing and highlighting areas that might require action. It shows key trends, purchases, sales and vendor data.


Dashboard - Trends

Product Trends – The most popular Products.

Supplier Trends – The Suppliers who shipped the most.

Delivery Trends  – The most popular delivery destinations.

Recent Activity

Dashboard - Recent Activity

TEUs in Transit – The number of twenty-foot equivalent containers in transit.

Pending Bookings – The number of Bookings that have not shipped. This includes Bookings pending approval or awaiting pick-up.

PO Value in Transit – The total value of goods in transit.

To-do Items

Dashboard Action Items

Bookings Awaiting Approval – Sorted by earliest date, this is a list of Bookings that require review.

Pending Deliveries – Latest Shipments pending delivery.

Outstanding Billing Invoice – List of Invoices awaiting payment.

Booking Exceptions and Shipment Exceptions indicate Shipment that may have a problem, such as quantity discrepancies, Customs exams or delays.

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