Create Trade Partners

Trade Partners organizes your Supply Chain Network.  This includes Manufacturers, Trading Companies, Delivery Warehouses, Consolidators, Customs brokers and anyone involved in your Supply Chain.

  1. Go to Modules > Trade Partners
  2. Click the button and fill out the following:

    Add Trade Partner Pop up

    • Consignee – Purchasers/Owners or Delivery Locations.
    • Supplier – Manufacturers, Trading Companies, Shippers, Pick-up Locations, Origin Warehouses and Consolidators.
    • Related Party – This is applicable if the Trade Partner is a Supplier and has either common ownership or common decision makers, such as Officers, Directors and Owners.
  3. Next step is to add an Address.  This is important and required in many scenarios, such as clearing Customs and  determining pick-up/delivery locations.


Additional Tips:

  • To add multiple Trade Partners at once, consider clicking .
  • Trade Partners are required for other Modules.  Examples:
    • Products require Suppliers
    • Purchase Orders require Consignees
    • Shipments require Consignees
  • Login credentials can be created for:
    • Suppliers – This gives them limited access to Products, Purchase Orders and Bookings. Contact your Customer Representative for setting up a username and password.
    • Consignees – This gives warehouses and receiving parties access to Deliveries.  Contact your Customer Representative for setting up a username and password.
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