Booking as a Supplier

Bookings help plan, instruct, schedule and lead to the creation of a Shipment. This includes determining pick-up dates, product quantities, product values, shipping methods and estimated delivery dates.

  1. Go to Modules -> Bookings
  2. Click 

  3. Fill out the following:
    Create Booking Pop up

  4. The balance of unbooked Products is automatically added to the Booking. To update Quantities or Pricing:
    • Click on the tab.
    • Click on the Edit button  to enter the following:
      Edit Booking Item Pop up
  5. To update total Gross Weight and Cubic Meters, click on .
    Update Booking Details
  6. To ask for Purchaser’s approval, click .

  7. Add Markings and Additional Instructions by clicking Markings button
    Edit Markings
  8. Once the Purchaser approves the Booking, the Origin freight forwarder will contact the Supplier to arrange the pick-up.

  9. Add Container information by clicking on the  button in the tab.

    • Fill out as follows:
  10. Add Products to Containers
    • Click on the tab.
    • Click on and enter the following:

  11. Once the above is completed, a Shipment will be generated in Cargocentric.

Additional tips:

  • Combine Bookings or move individual Products between Bookings:
  • To send questions and comments, click on the tab.
  • Tag Bookings by clicking Tag button.  Press <enter> after entering each tag.
  • Create Commercial Invoices and Packing Lists by clicking Export Invoice button.

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