Booking Statuses

Checking the status of a Booking helps determine actions needed before the Booking becomes a Shipment.

New and Unsubmitted Bookings  – Search for Bookings that have not been submitted to the Purchaser.

  1. Go to Modules > Bookings
  2. Click on “Add Filter“, find “Status” and click on “Created” (or click here)
    Booking Created Filter
  3. Some possible Actions:

Bookings Awaiting Approval from Purchaser – Search for Bookings pending confirmation from the Purchaser.

  1. Click , select “Status” and click on “Submitted”
  2. Some possible Actions:

Approved Bookings – Search for Bookings that are awaiting Shipment Information.

  1. Click , select “Status” and click on “Approved”
  2. Some possible Actions:

Exceptions – Search for Bookings that contain special events that may result in delays or discrepancies..

  1. Click , select “Exceptions”
  2. Hover over the exclamation point for a quick description of the Exceptions:
    Booking Exceptions Hover
  3. Send questions and comments by clicking on .

Additional tips:

  • To receive Automated Email reports, contact your Cargocentric Customer Representative.
  • Consider selecting additional filters by clicking .  Examples:
    • Pick-up Date
    • Origin Port
    • Destination Port
    • ETD
    • Tags
  • Search using  Search Field.
  • General workflow of Bookings

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