Search for Shipments with Potential Demurrage or Storage

Demurrage and storage fees can be very costly.  Use Filters to find Shipments that may be at risk.

  1. Go to Modules > Deliveries

  2. Click
    • Select “Demurrage”
      demurrage filter

    • The results are based on the following conditions:
      1. The shipment has not been picked up.
      2. One or more of the following conditions:
        • Last Free Day (LFD) of Storage has been generated.  Terminals only issue LFDs if the shipment has arrived and staged for pick-up.
        • Pick-up Number has been issued.
        • Destination ETA is within 2 days of today’s date.  IE. If today is 12/13/2019, any shipments prior to 12/15/2019 will be applicable.
  3. Click  for additional filters, such as:
    • “Delivery Consignee” to specify delivery locations.
    • “Destination Port”
    • “Urgent” to only show priority shipments


Additional tips:

  • Ask your Customer Representative about automated reports, which can send daily emails containing the above data.
  • Monitoring Containers and Deliveries
  • Click on Containers/Deliveries and use to communicate with the Truckers and Warehouses

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