Reviewing a Booking

Suppliers schedule and plan Shipments by creating Bookings.  Purchasers review and confirm Bookings to create Shipments.

Finding Bookings

  1. Go to Modules > Bookings
  2. Use the Filter or Search box to find Bookings.
    • A common filter to use is “Status”.
      Booking Filter Select Menu
    • Select “Submitted”, which will filter for Bookings awaiting the Purchaser’s approval.
      Booking Filter - Submitted Status
  3. Click on the Booking ID
    Click on Booking ID

Review Booking Information

Some notable Booking information to review:

  • Shipping Method to confirm the mode of transportation. IE. Ocean FCL (full container) vs Ocean LCL (shared container) vs Air. *Also compare this to Cargocentric’s recommendation.
  • Shipping Terms aka incoterms to help instruct who pays for freight and Customs fees
  • Pick-up Date
  • ETA Destination Port
  • Destination Port
  • Total Cubic Meters (cbm) helps decide between sharing or shipping a full container.
  • Total Chargeable Weight is used to calculate air freight charges.

Click on the tab.  A couple important things to review:

  • Actual Unit Qty – If there is a Warning Iconwarning icon, there is a difference compared to the original Quantity Booked.
  • Actual Unit Value – If there is a Warning Iconwarning icon, there is a difference compared to the value in the Purchase Order.

Comment and Approve

  • To send questions and comments, click on the tab.
  • To approve the Booking and proceed with the Shipment, click .

Additional tips:

  • Flag Products or Containers as high priority by clicking Mark as Urgent button
  • To combine multiple bookings, click on .  Keep in mind this will 1) remove Purchase Order and Product data from the imported Booking and 2) the summary data will not change.
  • Tag Bookings by clicking Tag button.  Press <enter> after entering each tag.
  • Keep track of Shipments

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